Waterfresh Farm Shoot for Edible Boston Magazine


Who knew you could get local, pesticide-free, fresh tomatoes throughout the winter?! We took a trip to visit Waterfresh Farm in Hopkinton, MA to meet the owners and photograph the lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs they grow year round in their hydroponic greenhouses for the winter issue of Edible Boston. Hydroponics (hydro meaning water and ponics meaning labour) is the method of growing plants in nutrient rich liquid instead of in soil. Phil Todaro and Jeff Barton, co-owners of Waterfresh Farm, were lab partners in 7th grade and decided to go into the hydroponics business together several decades later, shortly before the boom of the local food movement. Not only do they sell their produce to grocery stores in and around the Boston area, but they have a beautiful market stocked with an array of breads, cheeses and other gourmet ingredients and prepared foods.

We cleared out their old office to make use of the natural light that shone perfectly through the window and created the following images to highlight the beauty of their produce and market goods.

Photography by Adam Detour

Behind the Scenes Photography by Erika Cole